The Art of Re-Parenting

“Children’s brains are a tempestuous place. They have no control over what is chemically affecting their bodies and sending their little emotions into overdrive. They are growing and developing each … Continue Reading

Pearls Getogether

Kheterpal auditorium it was. In 1987, on 13 June,  IMA witnessed yet another passing out parade. Gentlemen Cadets of 80 Regular and 63 Tech having crossed the antim step, gathered … Continue Reading

The Power of Retreat

Here are a few situations that we confront in day to day life. Very few can honestly say that they do not face these situations. There is no one who … Continue Reading

The Gene Question

#IndiaGenome #slowdeath #dyinggeneration #supergenes #deepakchopra #Hatred #violence #Id #ganeshchaturthi #hope Dear All, The festive period of the Indian calender has started. Till Christmas and new year we have a series … Continue Reading

Tears of a Patriot

The Jhelum is red The Ganges is red The very innocence is dead I am right You are wrong There is only my way Or you go away Hatred abounds … Continue Reading

Max Out

As I open the newspapers or switch on the TV,  I see tanks on streets and not in their garrison. I see a truck racing down lives, hopes of a … Continue Reading

When The Gamble Pays Off

Watching James Bond in all his movies I learnt early that for the most important decisions a confident Gamble is a safe bet. And, as Bond decides to ‘show’, he … Continue Reading

Father’s Day

My Dad or Papa as I called him lived like a king. Extremely handsome and good looking he would challenge Feroz Khan and Paul Newsman, too. I distinctly remember that … Continue Reading

The 46-29 That’s Me

THE CLARION’S CALL The 46-29: The Mystery of Success in the Body Look carefully at the crossing of the energy in the Sacral Center and the magic that you get … Continue Reading

Life – A Purely Mechanical Play

All life is lived in the body or the form. This form has a few friends who make life happen. One is called the mind the other is the consciousness … Continue Reading