Summer Collection

Here’s a quick peek at my summer Clicks. Portrait of Simplicity Nature n Landscape – Jabalpul

Looking With New Eyes – Osho

We look at things always with old eyes. You come to your home; you look at it without looking at it. You know it – there is no need to … Continue Reading

Look Without Words – Osho

LIFE is fresh but you are stale, and you become stale because you go on carrying the yesterdays. The past functions as a barrier between you and life. Die every … Continue Reading

Who Is The Guru?

Today, is Guru Purnima. My nation has a glorious tradition of tuition and instructions through the age old system of Gurus. Mythology is full of examples where the Guru was … Continue Reading

Empty Come, Empty Go : The 4 Ways

I am over fifty now. I have traveled and changed locations 12 times in my career. I have lugged my trucks full of load all over the country and frankly … Continue Reading

A Corridor to the Heart of Spirituality

Gwarighat, is situated on the banks of Narmada river in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India. It is associated with the evening arti which are so common across all of India along … Continue Reading

Life’s Lifeforms

Nothing fascinates me more than meeting our ancestors. Nothing is more intriguing and exciting. Imagine being with them in flesh and blood, alive. Yes, I am talking not of our … Continue Reading

Pangong So, LADHAK

Pangong So, in Ladhak is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Its almost at the top of the world and along the Indo – China border. Infact, … Continue Reading



The Sun Rests

It is so nuce to know that Nature has every thing well planned. She knows how to care for her children on Earth. She will keep the Sun up all … Continue Reading