Look Without Words – Osho

LIFE is fresh but you are stale, and you become stale because you go on carrying the yesterdays.
The past functions as a barrier between you and life.

Die every moment to the past and then life can be felt and lived as fresh as it is.
Life is never old; each moment it renews itself, rejuvenates itself, reorients itself. It is eternally fresh.

But the mind cannot be fresh. The very mechanism of the mind does not allow it to be fresh. It has to bee old, it has to be dead.

The moment you know something, it is already past. Knowledge is already dead. A bird sings in the tree. The moment your mind says ‘beautiful’, it is already old. It is no more in the present; it has already passed. The moment you say to someone ‘I love you’, it is already past. The moment the mind catches anything, it immediately dies.

To be fresh means to be without mind. Listen to the birds without the mind interfering. see the trees without the mind interfering. You will have to learn how to remain without verbalization. There is the root of all disease.

You see a rose and immediately the mind starts spinning…’A beautiful rose; I have never seen such a beautiful rose before.’ You are no more seeing this rose now. You have moved into the past. You are comparing with other roses. And when you are comparing with other roses, you have completely forgotten this rose.

Those other roses are just in the memory – past impressions. And the most amazing thing is that when those other roses were alive, you must have been comparing them with some other roses which were dead.

Again this amazing thing will happen. Some other day, seeing another rose, you may compare with this rose which you are not seeing at all.

Look at life and don’t allow words to interfere. Look without words. Look without thinking – and suddenly everything is fresh, suddenly everything is as new as it can be…


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