Alive or Not

Today is a very profound day in my life. In many ways it is like a pre  scripted story which unfolded itself in a mystical but harsh manner.

Early morning, as I watched the video of an animal care centre in California on Facebook, I could barely keep my tears from flowing. The video showcased the story of an undernourished dog. It highlighted how through care and love by humans the life in it found a new meaning. She was finally able to walk and live long. Love and care are excellent energies which can reach the deepest core of our being.

In yet another video by HT, the well known apathy of the Delhi onlookers not bothering for a lady hit and abused by her hubby, was another grim reminder of how we have become so inhuman. It showed how onlookers pass her and ignore her cries for help. Finally,  it showed some help coming her way.

The two videos completely shook me from inside. Deep down inside there was a craving to go out and help. While it’s okay to watch a video and feel empathy for fellow living beings, it’s altogether another reality to actually go out and help. Well,  I had a little tet a tet with my conscience and we agreed to do a reality check. My inner voice said, “you really wanna check it out?” I gathered courage and silently nodded.

As I headed for the office, something in me told me that I will be tested today itself. Well,  as I returned from office,  at a prominent cross road,  I glanced at an old and haggered lady in bare essentials. In one glance only my mind did it’s quick processing and I was clear that she was a recluse and a vagabond wanderer probably not even in her senses. Like so many times before,  I passed her and forgot about her.

Then suddenly, a km ahead my inner voice slammed the door of my heart and said, “A-ha,  you failed the test”. Very quickly the happenings of the morning rushed up and my heart was pumping fast. Just before we turned into our colony, I turned the vehicle back and headed straight for the lady. I purchased some mangoes, apple and orange for the lady. As I walked towards her, I saw that she definitely was in a bad state. She spoke fast and I could barely make out anything. As I offered her fruits in the summer temperatures of 45 Celsius, I realised then that it was not possible to communicate with her. A few persons around told me that she was mad and won’t eat. I simply kept the package in front of her and silently prayed for her well be-ing.

As I retraced my steps back home,  I could only think of compassion and suffering. That there is suffering around, needs no Budha explaination. But,  how much love and compassion we actually use in our day to day life remains a question.

There are many lessons from this incident. Did I do enough, what more can be done, was it okay to do it,  why did the morning video challenge my conscience, am I ashamed of her condition or my humaneness or the lack of it,  is there really an inner Voice with whom you can share your deepest feelings.

As I write this article I don’t know if she ate the fruits or not. Perhaps yes,  maybe no. But what is clear in my heart and head is that if one facebook video can trigger a good process in my life then it’s not a bad idea to post this article too on facebook. Maybe someone else is inspired. Just as I was today to make a little difference in my own life.

My act may not have been the perfect one. However, it clearly showed the perfect compassion and love that we all hold abundantly but scarcely use it. I know for sure that one bucket less doesn’t dry up the Ocean. It’s still there in plenty…

We all are Alive or Not.



  • Suyash says:

    Noble deed indeed. Remember this act of giving is actually a form of catharsis for our own soul. So keep at it.
    God bless.

  • A K VASUDEVAN says:

    You played your part . That is important .
    You are not burdened you have set yourself free

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