The Art of Re-Parenting

“Children’s brains are a tempestuous place. They have no control over what is chemically affecting their bodies and sending their little emotions into overdrive. They are growing and developing each … Continue Reading

Summer Collection

Here’s a quick peek at my summer Clicks. Portrait of Simplicity Nature n Landscape – Jabalpul

Looking With New Eyes – Osho

We look at things always with old eyes. You come to your home; you look at it without looking at it. You know it – there is no need to … Continue Reading

Look Without Words – Osho

LIFE is fresh but you are stale, and you become stale because you go on carrying the yesterdays. The past functions as a barrier between you and life. Die every … Continue Reading

Who Is The Guru?

Today, is Guru Purnima. My nation has a glorious tradition of tuition and instructions through the age old system of Gurus. Mythology is full of examples where the Guru was … Continue Reading

Steve Job – The Spiritualist

The last words of Steve Jobs – I have come to the pinnacle of success in business. In the eyes of others, my life has been the symbol of success. … Continue Reading

Pearls Getogether

Kheterpal auditorium it was. In 1987, on 13 June,  IMA witnessed yet another passing out parade. Gentlemen Cadets of 80 Regular and 63 Tech having crossed the antim step, gathered … Continue Reading

Creativity Is Meditation

All creativity is a deep suffering, unless your creativity does not come out of the mind, but out of meditation. When it comes out of meditation, creativity is sharing the … Continue Reading

Empty Come, Empty Go : The 4 Ways

I am over fifty now. I have traveled and changed locations 12 times in my career. I have lugged my trucks full of load all over the country and frankly … Continue Reading

Alive or Not

Today is a very profound day in my life. In many ways it is like a pre  scripted story which unfolded itself in a mystical but harsh manner. Early morning, … Continue Reading